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Pacchetto aggiuntivo per l'Editor di testi in Euphoria

Ereditato da: Default Source

Autore: Igor Kachan, Jeremy Cowgar.
File di modello: *.e;*.ex;*.ew;*.exw;*.eu;*.exu;ex.err;*.pro.

Supported functionality

Descrizione di Euphoria

Euphoria started its life in 1993 as a commercial language developed by Robert Craig of Rapid Deployment Software. With the 3.0.0 release in October of 2006, Euphoria started its second life as open source software and is now maintained by a group of developers with the help and input of its users. Euphoria is on the verge of its largest update ever, 4.0.
Euphoria has spent most of it's life as a closed source commercial programming language however, with it recently being open sourced, many developers have been doing some very nice additions to it.

File di configurazione della sintassi

euphoria_spec.xml - I file di specificazione contengono informazioni generali sulle regole di evidenziazione della sintassia, le regole di validità di parte del codice(scope), le parole chiave del linguaggio etc.
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Link al sito web relativo alla sintassi, forum di discussione della sintassi etc.

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